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ARIES 5 Enhancements (Release 5)
Jeff Mobley, Friday, December 07, 2012
? The new MapIt tool provides the officer a point and click mapping component designed to return latitude and longitude values and standardize roadway information for crash locations.
Quick VIN
? Upon entry of a valid vehicle VIN, the Quick VIN feature will auto-populate certain vehicle information into the crash report.
DOT Lookup
? The officer can auto-populate commercial carrier information by performing a search based on Carrier Name, DOT# or ICC#.
Review Process
? ARIES 5 provides the ability for a reviewing officer to be selective as to which reports will be downloaded for review.
? ARIES 5 also provides reviewing officers the ability to release other reviewers reports that have been previously downloaded for review but not completed.
Numerous Other Enhancements
? Ability to add injured individuals to a non-motorized vehicle.
? A hyperlink on the summary page of the collision wizard that jumps directly to the page and field of where the error resides.
? Ability to resize the Quick Capture screen.
? New attachment types, photos public, photos confidential, support document public and support documents confidential.
? Modified Sequence of Events list.
? Modified Vehicle Use list.

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ARIES 5 Enhancements (Release 5)
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