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Below lists those agencies and/or groups that are involved in the collision reporting process:

Indiana State Police – Responsible for the following: the processing, storage and dissemination of traffic collision reports; the support of local agencies through their Districts; and answering public requests for collision information.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles – Responsible for managing the Financial Responsibility requirements (Proof of Insurance).

Indiana Department of Transportation – Responsible for the analysis and review and plans for improvements to identified hazardous locations.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division– Responsible for collecting all qualifying commercial vehicle related collisions and passing required information on to the Federal SafetyNET system for recording and analysis.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies – Responsible for investigation of collision incidents and completion and submission of the required forms and/or data to ISP for processing within 2 weeks of a collision.

Law Enforcement Liaisons– Responsible for communicating safety and enforcement related issues to the local agencies.
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